This notice limits our liability. Please read it thoroughly. Spectrum Tile/Fit To Be Tiled will assume that all persons purchasing goods or services through this site have read and understand this legal notice.

Ceramic tile is durable, easy to clean, and attractive. The choice to purchase ceramic tile is a wise one, but the process of selecting tile and tile products, however, should not be done hastily. Please note the following before buying tile through this site:

1. Images on this site are as close to actual appearance and color that the image reproduction process permits. Actual products may vary slightly in color and appearance.

2. Prices listed on the site are valid at the time of upload. While we make every effort to keep the price list on the web site current, prices are subject to change without notice at any time. 

3. Unless otherwise specified, all work will be performed on standard white wall tile. We recommend seeing samples of the tile upon which the work is to be done before purchasing services through this site. 

4. If purchasing decals with a "Crystalline" finish, the customer assumes ultimate responsibility for the costs of the final product. Read more about "crystalline" finish here.

5. Spectrum Tile/Fit To Be Tiled makes every effort to inform its customers of all costs involved in any transaction from its outset, but it is ultimately the customer's responsibility to obtain verification of all costs before work begins.


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