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  Spectrillusions  Image Transferring System

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Wine Labels by Spectrillusions

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What is Spectrillusions?

Spectrillusions is a revolutionary digital image transferring process that, allows us to put any image onto ceramic tile. Photographs, children's art projects, computer graphics . . . .Any image can be made into a decorative tile accent piece or mural. You send us the image, we send it back to you on tile. Advances in digital technology have made the expensive process of image transferring much more affordable. We can now pass the savings on to you. Please be aware, however, that Spectrillusions image transfer does have certain limits. Because of the photographic quality of the images on tile, we are limited to specific inks and finishes. These inks and finishes can be scratched with a sharp object or with abrasives. Also, although durable, Spectrillusions products should only be installed and displayed indoors. In spite of these limitations, our products are a versatile, attractive, and inexpensive way to personalize your home or office.

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